QA, Automation & DevOps

Designing and building a product only accounts for a handful of the challenges that come with running a tech company.

From app store updates to keeping your code secure, our team of QA and DevOps experts can ensure that your tech is safe, clean, and being managed effectively.

Perfect for: Owners, CTOs, and technologists who want to keep their code and data clean, accessible, and effectively managed.

  • Quality Assurance Services + Testing
  • Accessibility Audit
  • Code Maintenance
  • Server Management
  • Google Cloud Management

Custom Software Development

What's included

  • Something really crazy, that needs a lot of text to explain properly
  • Something really cool and VERY expensive
  • Something you can’t live without
  • Something okay

Pricing starts at

Product perfection!

Ease any worries and ensure your software is working as intended.

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Nice Healthcare

Free and unlimited primary healthcare.  Free access to 550+ prescription medications. Now that’s nice.

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