socially minded entrepreneurs

We exist at the nexus of traditionally disparate worlds: entrepreneurial ventures and social impact organizations. Blending our inherent bias towards action with our intention for positive public impact brought us together. We quickly learned many others share our passion for this exciting space, and we have been growing since. 



We are entrepreneurs. We thrive in ambiguous waters. We see opportunities to improve the world around us. Most importantly, we give it a shot. It may not work as planned, but getting started always unlocks previously unseen possibilities.


We have been through this journey dozens of times. It became clear we could leverage this expertise to scale other entrepreneurs’ visions as well. So this is what we do. We take the startup studio approach. 


What does it mean to be a startup studio? We build our own startup products. We also work with other entrepreneurs to actualize their visions. We have a lot of chips on the table. We bet on entrepreneurs that have vision, perseverance, and passion. Together we ship products rapidly, get feedback, and ship them again.



We are proud to be among the first 100 public benefit corporations in Minnesota. This means we hold ourselves to a public benefit standard in addition to traditional business concerns. We have committed to a high level of purpose, transparency, and accountability to help further the public good.


There are two types of public benefit corporations: general benefit corporation (GBC) and specific benefit corporation (SBC). Cloudburst is the latter. Our specific benefit statement is to: “Enable fulfilling and flexible careers in technology and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on underestimated communities.”


We believe careers in technology and entrepreneurship can be a pivotal part of fulfilling lives. They provide flexibility, autonomy, and craftsmanship. Humans thrive in these conditions. We are on a mission to make these careers more readily available to people of all backgrounds, particularly communities that have been underestimated in technology and entrepreneurship. 


We primarily accomplish this through our apprenticeship program. We pair up-and-coming software developers and designers with senior technical staff to provide hands on training in a fast-paced environment. In addition to building apprentices’ core craft (generally software engineering or user experience design), we train them in the art of entrepreneurship. They learn the skills to start their own technology companies. Our hope is this will lead to ripple effects throughout our communities.


Entrepreneurs are artists. They possess the ability and passion to create a new world around them. The world is a better place with more entrepreneurs. We are on a mission to improve the world in this way.