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Specific Benefit Corporation (SBC)

In 2015, the state of Minnesota created the legal framework for businesses to prioritize social good alongside shareholder value as public benefit corporations. Under the law, these public benefit corporations can either pursue general or specific impacts.

One of the first 100 public benefit corporations in Minnesota, Cloudburst is a specific benefit corporation. Cloudburst was created “to enable fulfilling and flexible careers in technology and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on underestimated communities.

We believe that the flexibility, autonomy, and craftsmanship experienced through working in technology and entrepreneurship leads to more fulfillment in life.

As an employer, we’re on a mission to make these careers more readily available to people of all backgrounds, particularly those who have been underestimated in the industry.

As a service provider, we’re working to make software development more accessible and affordable, reducing the barriers to founding and scaling tech-based and tech-enabled business.

Read more about our benefit mission and the progress we’ve achieved in our annual reporting as a public benefit corporation to the state:

2022 Annual Benefit Report2021 Annual Benefit Report2020 Annual Benefit Report2019 Annual Benefit Report2018 Annual Benefit Report
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