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Cloudburst helps founders get to  traction with technology.

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MN Tech Diversity Pledge

A company is more than its technology. There are many decisions and factors that go into building a company and Cloudburst is interested in understanding and impacting all of those things.

Thompson Aderinkomi, Nice Healthcare
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Our team is full of entrepreneurs, makers, engineers, artists, performers, gamers, DIYers and problem solvers.

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Our streamlined, human-centered approach to rapid development + design saves time and money.

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We're invested

Our unique Shared Success Agreement allows us to invest in our clients, because we believe success is better together.

About Shared Success
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I’d never done a technology project before, but the people at Cloudburst were able to make ours a collaborative effort. The team was always willing to explain things in a way I could understand.

Holly Janiszewski, Holly J Fitness

About You

We're looking for startup founders who show:

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Grit, action & collaboration

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Passion & Empathy for others

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Long-term product investment

If this sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

Cloudburst was a mentor when it came to building the software’s foundation: something we could pilot, get feedback on, and then add on to more cost effectively two, three, four years from now.

Michael D. Smith, Appraisal Soft
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