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Our work

If you can dream it, we can help you do it. Here are a few of the apps we've had the privilege to develop with our clients.

Nice Healthcare

We partnered with Nice Healthcare as they grew from no-code solutions to 7 figure revenue. By working with Cloudburst to build custom patient and provider apps and an EMR, Nice improved the patient experience, increased operational efficiency, and preserved cash and equity for their founding team.

Document Elf

We helped Document Elf launch a platform for law firms to manage documents, notes, testimonials, and more to improve the experience of prepping a case for court.

Wise Blue Yonder

We partnered with Wise Blue Yonder to build a travel itinerary platform tailored to people with limited mobility. Together we created a product that's improving the lives of limited mobility travelers.


In partnership with Caloosha, we built a web app for therapists to quickly review their patients heart-rate data before an appointment. We pulled the data from a bluetooth wearable device and displayed it in valuable graphs that's improving the therapist-patient relationship.