Hone your craft. Love your life.

We can’t help founders succeed without you. Our team members are creators and owners who thrive with flexibility and autonomy. At Cloudburst, we pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate, challenge each other, support one another's growth, and jointly lead our projects to the best possible outcome.

If you're looking for a creative, supportive and driven team to work with, make sure to look at our open roles to see where you could shine.

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Our Values

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Authenticity is sacred.

We’re fully human. We show up that way every day–exactly who we are and how we are. Our humanity makes us a stronger, better team. Our doors are open; our minds are too. Our value is inherent; and we are welcome here.

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The entrepreneurial spirit lives in all of us.

We know the tenacity and grit it takes to figure it out and bring a product to life. Making dreams happen is energizing and a point of pride for us.

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Makers are magic.

Creators, makers, doers by nature, we are hungry to learn and driven to experiment. We are thought leaders, as well as continuously drawn to new information. With that, our toolbox is ever-expanding. Our curiosity is endless.

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Success is better together.

We believe that shared stakes equal shared success. Investing in our work together is how we thrive–whether that investment is financial or intellectual, based on effort or based on time, we all do better when we all do better.

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Our work matters.

Making a genuine impact matters to us. By offering our time, energy and skills to our community–at work and in the world–we make a difference. We show up. We lean in. We share. We give back. We are the change we want to see wherever we are.

Working at Cloudburst

Thinking about technology's impact, not just its implementation

Hillary Manning

Thinking about technology's impact, not just its implementation

Perks and Benefits

Get paid for side projects with Cloudburst X

Devote an additional 20% of your hours to building your own thing or contributing to the community and we’ll pay you for it

Share in company earnings

Get rewarded semi-annually based on our growth, not your “performance”

Pick your hourly commitment

Choose a time commitment between 30 and 40 hours per week

Invest in your health and retirement

Save with a company match for your 401k and an HSA

Enjoy flexible vacation and holidays

Set your own vacation between two and six weeks and where your nine holidays fall on the calendar

Personalize your schedule

Decide when and where you work best outside of core office hours

Protect your lifestyle

Be covered with health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance

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