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7 mistakes founders make building their first tech product

There’s a steep learning curve when it comes to building your first digital product; we’re sharing the most common missteps we see first-time, non-technical founders make
October 4, 2022

"Ok, But How" with Founder Schia Hart of Handlender

We learn how Schia Hart turned a need for more support after becoming a mother into a community resource that makes it easier to ask for help
September 28, 2022

"Ok, But How" with Founder Phil Terrill of SoleSafe

We hear how Phil Terrill turned his passion for shoe collecting and insurance industry questions into SoleSafe
September 8, 2022

How to write your company's core values

Because core values are more than a list of inspirational words painted on an office wall
August 31, 2022

"Ok, But How" with Founder Kelsey Joson of InControl

We talk to Kelsey Joson about how the Covid-19 pandemic pushed her to launch her company, InControl
August 23, 2022