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"Ok, But How" with Founder Mary Kay Ziniewicz of Bus Stop Mamas

Mary Kay Ziniewicz shares how she created a way to introduce employers to parents looking for flexible work that fits their busy schedules.
February 7, 2023

Who are your startup’s competitors (for real)?

When asked about their competitors, many founders rattle off a list of companies with similar tech products. But who are your "real" competitors?
January 24, 2023

How to choose the right cofounder

Choosing a cofounder is a high-stakes decision and one that cannot be easily undone. Here are some questions to ask yourself (and possible cofounders) before committing to your startup.
December 12, 2022

UX testing your own product idea for free

Get creative and test your next big idea yourself - before you've committed to building something nobody wants
December 2, 2022

Is it time to quit your startup?

There’s a lot of information around scaling your startup, but what do you do when your growth plans aren't working? We're sharing some red flags that it might be time to consider sunsetting your startup.
November 14, 2022