At Cloudburst we use the same set of tried and true technologies across all our client projects. We’ve chosen our best in class tech stack to maximize quality and output while minimizing development time and costs.

The most popular programming language

We only use one programming language, the most popular in the world for the last eight years in a row, for all our apps end to end.

Exclusive use of JavaScript means all Cloudburst developers and most non-Cloudburst developers can single-handedly code both ends (the front and back) of your technology.

Person coding on laptop
Line drawing of software on different devices

Single source code

The Ionic Framework lets us build for multiple platforms using a single codebase.

This “write once, run anywhere” approach lets us focus on developing features rather than rebuilding your app for each platform.

World class infrastructure

With Google Cloud Platform, your app will be supported at every stage of its growth on the same technology that runs Google.

For mobile, we use Google’s Firebase, the industry's leading platform for user authentication, push notifications, analytics, and more.

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