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Cloudburst’s approach is to deliver less functionality more often as opposed to working on every idea at once.

The more that users can get their hands on working features, the more confident we can be that the product we’re making works.

Deciding what’s most important to get built first lets you see features sooner and for less cost.

Launching early and often lets you change direction with time and money still left if you need.

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Speech bubbles that say "How might we...?" and "Is this a good fit?"


Our product team goes out and talks to the people your startup is serving. Our findings strengthen the health of your business opportunity.

Example launch: simple web page to test messaging and gather user sign-ups.

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Our innovation team builds something simple that people can use. Working prototypes help you see, understand, and improve on your concept so we can confidently commit to its build.

Example launch: low-code user onboarding flow.

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Our product, design, and tech teams do everything they need to construct and assemble app releases that work well, run reliably, look good, and are easy to use.

Example launch: subscription billing for your app.

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Our quality team takes care of ongoing support and customer service while the build team manages improvements, upgrades, expansions, and integrations.

Example launch: later versions of your app, non-English versions, video integration, data, analytics & reporting, machine learning.