Get Started.

We have drawn on our experience as both clients and consultants - in ventures ranging from startups to public companies - to create the four stage Cloudburst Momentum Framework. Our Momentum Framework makes it easy to get started, keep going, and accelerate. It leverages transparency, trust, and best practices to deliver alignment, momentum, and results. 


We invest 45 minutes in a no obligation conversation to learn more about you and your idea and to answer your questions. You bring your passion, product vision, and drive to build a thriving business. We bring our brains, years of experience, and network of resources. We share our ideas and feedback freely and make any introductions that will help your project succeed. The coffee is on us. Find a time that works and we will be there.


DELIVERABLES: Coffee and Connections

Investment: $0


If we are as excited about your idea as you are, we invest a half day working session with your team to take a Deeper Dive. We collaboratively explore the use cases, value propositions, functional requirements, and technology options for your first iteration. We hone in on an initial scope that is desirable, feasible, and viable. Our team follows up by presenting three partnership scenarios - each including expertly crafted working software that moves your vision forward.


DELIVERABLES: 3 Partnership options and documentation

Investment: $0


This is what you have been waiting for: your idea materializing into a real product. In close communication with your team, including frequent side-by-side sessions, we start rapidly developing the scenario you selected from Stage 2. Utilizing modern frameworks and open source projects we can do in weeks what used to take months. Our iterative development process has frequent code releases so that you can see and feel the progress and we can respond to what we learn along the way.  


DELIVERABLES: expertly crafted working software, on time and on budget

Investment: starts at $5,000


Your product has launched. Now it is time to iterate, improve, and grow. We leverage user data, analytics, and your feedback to pursue product-market fit. It is critical to maintain momentum after launch, but the amount of development effort required varies from project to project. We value transparency, trust, and long term relationships and have developed a sliding-scale pricing model for sprints to reflect that. Our preference is to have a portion of the sprint costs paid in the form of success based compensation. We do not succeed unless you do. Nothing beats winning together.


DELIVERABLES: consistent progress on the highest impact features

Investment: starts at $1,418 a month (some success based compensation preferred)