Meet the Team

We’ve started multiple companies. We’ve self, crowd, debt, angel, and friends and family-funded our way to failure and success. We’ve had side-hustles, turned them into full-time hustles, and had to go back to nine-to-fives when they didn’t work out.

We know the struggle and we’ve made the mistakes. We’ve overbuilt and confused PR for progress. We’ve sweated payroll and gone without paychecks. We’ve gone deep into bad partnerships and have had those hard conversations with our partners in life.

We’ve gone where you want to go, and where you don’t. We’ve lived what it takes to make your dream a reality. It’s what we love to do.

Headshot of Zack Steven

Zack Steven

Co-Founder & CEO

Headshot of Tammy Livingston

Tammy Livingston

VP of Operations

Headshot of Sonja Leaf

Sonja Leaf

Director of Engineering

Headshot of Kevin Dahlberg

Kevin Dahlberg

Senior Developer

Headshot of Lisa Mabley

Lisa Mabley

Senior Developer

Headshot of Hillary Manning

Hillary Manning

Senior Developer

Headshot of Alex Betzler

Alex Betzler

Senior UX Designer

Headshot of Peter McCrae Hokenson

Peter McCrae Hokenson


Headshot of Luke Peña

Luke Peña


Headshot of Elyse Ash

Elyse Ash

Growth Manager

Headshot of Alec Lambert

Alec Lambert

Associate UX Designer