Founder Friendly Alternatives to VC

founder friendly alternatives to vc


WE HOSTED A PANEL CONVERSATION on may 22, 2019. details and resources to follow

For many founders, independence is more valuable than anything.

It may seem that the traditional venture capital path and blitzscaling are the only options, however that approach has some fundamental problems, including:

  • 98% of VC dollars flow to 1 gender

  • 80% of VC dollars flow to 3 states

  • 1% of VC dollars flow to Black/Latino Founders

  • .6% of businesses raise any VC dollars at all

The good news is there are new models emerging that enable founders to get started more efficiently than ever and get funded while preserving options and control.

This conversation will feature the insights and experience of entrepreneurs and investors who are charting a different path. There will be ample time for questions and networking. Hosted at the fabulous new Meda HQ in North Minneapolis.

The panel:

Aneela Idnani - Co-Founder, HabitAware

Bryce Roberts - Managing Partner,

Kristen Womack - Founder, Mina

Thompson Aderinkomi - Co-Founder, Nice Healthcare

Zack Steven - Co-Founder, Cloudburst SBC (moderator)