For Entrepreneurs

we’re a startup studio 

We partner with entrepreneurs to launch and scale tech ventures.

You have an app idea you can’t let go. Or a business that you’re ready to scale through custom software that you own. We’ve been there. The journey from “back of the napkin” to traction is exhilarating and daunting, and we thrive on it. Whether your vision is to save time, earn money, or change the world our team brings the expertise, momentum, and partnership you need to get started, and keep going.


We bring our brains and years of experience to every conversation. We share our ideas and feedback freely. When you choose Cloudburst you get an entrepreneurial technology team, not just an individual developer or corporate agency. If there is someone we can connect you to who can help your idea succeed, we will do it. 


Seeing your idea turn into reality is energizing. More energizing is seeing the world love and embrace what you create. To get there, you have to ship something. People tire of hearing about great ideas. They never tire of being amazed by something tangible. This is why focus on delivering working software rapidly. Utilizing modern frameworks and open source projects we can do in weeks what used to take months.


Partnership is based on trust generated by aligned values and interests. At Cloudburst it begins by spending a half day with your team to explore your idea in detail (before a proposal is even written). It manifests in our partnership arrangement, where our strong preference is to have a form of a success based compensation. It continues to build through long term relationships as we ship products together, and win together.