ready to learn on the fly?

We are training the next generation of entrepreneurial developers. We believe in the power of entrepreneurs to change the world. Mix entrepreneurial passion with technical mastery and you are on a great path to success. Let us walk the path together.


The apprenticeship program is based on the best way to learn the art of code: working side-by-side with senior technical folks, and immediately contributing to real world, production environments. Add in some classroom style learning and you are well on your way.


This is a paid program that lasts six months. If you show a strong ability to work independently it is possible to graduate from the program early and move directly into a Junior Software Developer position. This is rare, but happens.



You have come to the conclusion that tech is for you. You love the problem solving nature of the work, and get excited about building applications that will be used by millions around the world. You are entrepreneurial and thrive in ambiguous waters. This does not necessarily mean you have started your own company before (but bonus points if you have), but you have exemplified the entrepreneurial spirit throughout your life. 


You know how to write code, but we do not care how you learned. Most apprentices have graduated from coding bootcamps, but some are entirely self taught and others have four-year degrees in computer science. How you got to this point is far less important than your current mindset and ambition towards the future. 


You are ready to learn exponentially fast in a hands on environment. You know how to learn on your own, but also thrive in environments with with constant feedback from your peers and senior technical mentors.


More than anything, you have a relentless passion for learning and growing as an entrepreneurial technologist. You recognize learning a craft is a lifetime endeavor, but you are ready to jump in wholeheartedly now. 


We are aiming for the next apprenticeship cohort to begin in late summer 2019. Feel free to apply at any time; we are always on the lookout for the right person.